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Latest Projects

Our Latest Branding Projects

We love visuals. And beautiful designs.

Gliss06 by Crevisio


Gliss06 is a water sports and water toys rental business in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat on the Côte d'Azur.

Eliott & Eloée by Crevisio

Eliott & Eloée

Eliott & Eloée specializes in products intended primarily for babies and children, which can be used in parallel by all family members, or by adults with fragile skin.

Ephemeris Protocol by Crevisio

Ephemeris Protocol

By providing the tools to build, support and access data, assets and services, Ephemeris enables a vibrant New Space ecosystem available to everyone.

Padel Business League by Crevisio

Padel Business League

The Padel Business League is a padel tournament between more than 120 companies across France.

Domaine de Mauroue by Crevisio

Domaine de Mauroue

The Domaine de Mauroue is a magnificent estate built in the 18th Century and is located on the Plateau du Valensole, centered between the Alpes de Haute Provence and the French Riviera.

Twenty by Ten by Crevisio

Twenty by Ten

Twenty by Ten aims to bring together the padel community worldwide and share its positive values with as many passionate players as possible.

HomePort by Crevisio


HomePort is the world's first decentralized ground station and satellite data network.

vk*p - Van Klaveren & Pazzaglia by Crevisio

vk*p - Van Klaveren & Pazzaglia

vk*p (Van Klaveren & Pazzaglia) is an advisory firm in charge of facilitating business in Monaco.

Toro Dorado Luxury Retreat by Crevisio

Toro Dorado Luxury Retreat

The Toro Dorado Luxury Retreat is a private luxury nature retreat on 900 hectares Costa Rican rainforest.

Château Petit Versailles by Crevisio

Château Petit Versailles

Château Petit Versailles (Schloss Frohsdorf) is a private event and corporate congress location in the surroundings of Vienna.

Monte Carlo Sports Car by Crevisio

Monte Carlo Sports Car

Monte Carlo Sports Car is a high-end luxury car rental based in Monaco.

RBeauty Hair Salon Monaco by Crevisio

RBeauty Hair Salon Monaco

RBeauty is an upscale hair salon based in Monte-Carlo. The hair salon has recently undergone a complete redesign.

Quantum Interior by Crevisio

Quantum Interior

Quantum Interior is a Monaco based design company specializing in premium and high-end interiors.

TEDxMonteCarlo 2017 by Crevisio

TEDxMonteCarlo 2017

The 2017 edition of TEDxMonteCarlo is to inspire with the intriguing theme of “License to Know”.

Hêtre by Crevisio


Hêtre is an enterprise coaching company dedicated to achieving personal balance and development.

ZANNAZ by Crevisio


ZANNAZ is an exclusive high-end crocodile leather brand based in the Principality of Monaco.

Lucycello by Crevisio


Lucycello is a creative project for a wedding. The couple, Lucy and Kevin, were looking to design wedding gifts for the guests.

Riviera Lifeline by Crevisio

Riviera Lifeline

Riviera Lifeline is a non-profit, non-denominational organisation serving the Var and the Alpes Maritimes.

Sunnybank Association by Crevisio

Sunnybank Association

Sunnybank Association has a long history in supporting the elderly on the Riviera. It was founded in 1892 as an Anglophone hospital in Cannes.

Constantia Watches by Crevisio

Constantia Watches

Constantia brings aesthetically beautiful watches encapsulating courage, firmness, loyalty and perseverance.

TEDxMonteCarlo 2016 by Crevisio

TEDxMonteCarlo 2016

TEDxMonteCarlo is a full-day conference that takes place once a year in Monte-Carlo, Monaco.

Grayzone Motor Yacht by Crevisio

Grayzone Motor Yacht

The 43 meter Grayzone is a charter vessel, offering a full open-air living experience on numerous delightful deck spaces.

Antisan Motor Yacht by Crevisio

Antisan Motor Yacht

Antisan is a motor yacht from the renowned Spertini shipyard built to the highest specifications to offer maximum comfort to guests.

Villa Monaco by Crevisio

Villa Monaco

Villa Monaco is a high class villa offering leisure and business visitors an entirely unique experience.

Superfun Motor Yacht by Crevisio

Superfun Motor Yacht

The Superfun is a 40m classical luxury yacht based on the renowned Feadship design.

Riviera Touch by Crevisio

Riviera Touch

Riviera Touch is a interior design and decoration business located on the French Riviera.

SG Private Banking (Monaco) by Crevisio

SG Private Banking (Monaco)

Société Générale Private Banking is the wealth management arm of Societe Generale, and operates in 15 countries across the globe.

Salvatore Ferragamo Watches by Crevisio

Salvatore Ferragamo Watches

Salvatore Ferragamo SPA is an Italian luxury goods company specializing in shoes, leather goods, and ready-to-wear for men and women.

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