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Examples of some of our past clients, fans, supporters, users of our work, and companies that our designers have worked for.

Comments & Feedback

What our fans say about our work.

"Wow, my jaw hit the floor when I seen this!! Perfection!!"

by Grand Erb

"Those pictures of Monaco are the most incredible I've seen so far. The work is amazing. And it captured so much of what I liked when I was in the south of France last year. Amazing atmosphere, colors and a warmth feeling that I had there. Crevisio, I love your work and really enjoy it."

by Nipson

"Hi, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your Ultra HD photos of Monaco that you have on your website. I've never seen anything like that before with such high resolution. I've used the F1 Grand Prix Race shot on interfacelift as my wallpaper for some time but never noticed the description with your site and the full res. shot. Very nice job! Thank you for such wonderful photos of such a beautiful place!"

by Nathan Zubke

"The fact that this is the 3rd of your "Goodnight" shots to make it through the Loupe within a week says it all. I am very happy to have them all inside my wallpaper folder and on endless rotation: 3,270 photos, 2 x 30" HD screens, one minute per picture, a different picture on each screen. I'll be seeing your shots again and again in the great company of Interfacelift landscapes which I download every day. Thank you, and thanks to all the other uploaders, for making my time at the computer such a joy."

by tonyH

"Fantastic! Can't believe my eyes. This has got to be a top 10 or something"

by InterClaw

"Love all the details that are captured (...). It's one that you could stare at for hours and not catch everything in it."

by VTLucas85

"I can only say "How Beautiful" and thank you so much for sharing these with us. Please do post more!"

by ktulu

"Thanks for this wonderful work!"

by foxtom

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